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A wide range of corporate finance services in various sectors of activity, with the main focus on Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A) and Provision of Fondeo. Advice to entrepreneurs and families in Latin America in the sale of their companies, and also to strategic and financial investors in Latin America, Europe, USA and Asia for their acquisitions in the region.

For which we needed to develop a delicate design, top level but at the same time with edge and power, which we achieved with the colors. Within its complexity is that we find a very minimalistic UX. In terms of its development, we can contribute more than what is expressed in its technical description, only that it is the best that is put at the service of the client's usability and their expectations.

Architecture design, development, and implementation of the new interactive platform of Remeros Plaza is developed entirely in Responsive Design, with HTML 5, PHP, CSS5, javascript technology, etc.
Fully manageable and accessible from any device. Complete integration with all social networks to be defined. An interactive search engine of each Brand / Local of the property and two modules directly integrated with the Backend, 1 of SEO and another of Analytics.